Cereal for Students Campaign

Many children that grow up in poverty depend on the school system for food.  Sadly, that means these some children are at risk of going hungry on the weekends.  The Brazos Valley Food Bank has a BackPack Program that provides bags of food every Friday afternoon during the school year to children who qualify for the program to ensure that they have access to food over the weekend.  Unfortunately, the BackPack program does not provide any food for students to have throughout the Spring Break vacation.

Anson Jones Elementary School in Bryan reached out to First Win for assistance in obtaining the necessary boxes of cereal to send home with their students that are enrolled in the BackPack program.  The idea was the students would at least have some easy to fix food while they were off from school for Spring Break.  We were honored that the school would reach back out to First Win (we previously provided their students with Christmas gifts) to help with such an important project.

Thankfully, with First Win’s help, the school was able to obtain all of the boxes of cereal needed so that no child would go completely hungry during Spring Break.